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A’Darah dares us to be BRKN

Earlier this year, we started the break with A’Darah at the first Breaking Conference hosted in Chicago. When we found out that another dose was coming, we could help but find out more. We got the chance to talk with the BRKN movement’s leader and put her in the hot seat. Check out our interview below!


The Breaking Conference this Spring was a big success. What made you to decide to host another one this year?

A’Darah: Well I really didn’t want to have another one this year Lol! A lot of people were disappointed that they couldn’t make the previous one, mainly because it was on short notice, so the conviction kicked in for me. Also my spiritual mom Dr. Gaylena White mentioned that she wanted to do one with men and women, so I said why not, let’s do it. I didn’t really think I was going to do it. Ha!

What can attendees expect from this year’s conference? How do you want them to leave feeling?

A’Darah: So this time around, the attendees can definitely expect direct healing. This helping will come from information, that will turn into revelation and causes them to become honest with themselves. That’s the first step to transformation, honesty.

They can expect raw and cut conversation, stories and testimonies. I really want my attendees to know that they are not alone and the person sitting next to them can literally be going through the same exact thing.

I think if more of us knew that we all are in the same boat with different ores, life would be a whole lot easier to get through. I want everyone to leave feeling like they can do this. Whatever “this” is for them. I want them to feel like they are safe to go through, and change and become stronger in Christ. I want them to feel Christ.

Why did you choose the words BROKEN and BREAKING to define your event?

A’Darah: I used these words to describe my event because they described my life. Wait, still describes my life. I AM JACKED UP!!! Every time I think of being broken, I think of a piggy bank with all the “change” inside. It reminds me that if I do not break open this piggy bank point, that I know will shatter to many pieces, I’ll never get the change I need. I also know that once it is broken, I can never put it back together the same way. It forces me to become different.

Also in my latest single, the lyrics read, “break my heart for what breaks yours.”

Like sometimes God has to break us to our lowest point of submission in order to get us to listen.

Just imagine if we stayed in our lowest point of submission, going through wouldn’t hurt as much. Your heart has to be broken, aka open, for God to be able to come in and do what is needed in order for you to grow and heal.

The Breaking Conference”, name came from my desire for God to constantly keep breaking those things off of my life that are hindering me from being the great person I know I’m called to be. Plus is was open on ;).


Tell us a little about the people you have involved this year.

A’Darah: So, like, I have some bomb people on the line up this season. My spiritual mom Dr.Gaylena White, is coming back to inform, and activate us again on a whole other level(I can feel it now). Robin Ayers, the extraordinary speaker, red carpet host and motivator all the way from LA will be hosting our first BRKN girl chat at the Friday event. I also have Tanikia and Steve Carpenter, and Kim and Tim Lewis, two powerhouse couples, coming to bring the young and married life segment. And a gang of Millennial leaders from all over coming to share their transparent journeys on how they were Built from Brknness. I may say a word or five, but I definitely chose these people above because they have a story to tell, and I am so excited that they chose to share right in the “Breaking News Room”.

Why is it so important for entrepreneurs and creatives to be rooted spiritually?


God created us to create.

You have to constantly go back to the source to one: make sure you’re doing what he called you to do. Two: make sure you’re doing it in the correct capacity. Three: to make sure you’re doing it in the right season.

I always have to tell myself that I cannot live on logic alone, and our ways are not his ways. So I truly feel like your spiritual life should never be separate from work because how Jesus worked. The work of the Lord aligns with the work that we should exemplify in our entrepreneurial endeavors: patience, discipline, order, diligence, long suffering, kindness, just to name a few…

 What’s next for The Breaking Conference?

A’Darah: So to be honest, I don’t know. I’m going wherever God goes. I have a few cities lined up for the BRKN chats with myself, and other than that, I am going with the wind.

I will say, we are working up something nice for New York. I don’t know the exact dates just yet, but I know it will be life changing. Stay tuned!

Are YOU ready to be BRKN this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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