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9 Awesome Professions That Promote Travel

Have you ever considered working or living abroad? Of course you have. Who hasn’t? However, this thing called adulthood is not slowing down in order for you live your dreams of running a small lemonade stand in Malta. Nope, it does not work like that. I can only speak for myself but a life without travel is simply existing without truly living. Whether you opt to travel domestically, internationally, by cruise ship or over the road, choose to enlighten your mental palate with a little culture and spontaneity. There are monuments, dying languages, cultures and so much more waiting to be discovered.

TrûLiving’s definition of living is “The pursuit of a lifestyle of a specific type.” If the type of lifestyle that you desire to live is one of more vacations and less cubicles, this is for you. Let’s dive into 9 AWESOME professions that promote travel throughout the world while maximizing your adulthood obligations.

1. Traveling Nurse $50,000-$65,000**
A very close friend of mine recently became a traveling nurse. This position allows for nurses to practice in different states for 2 weeks to 3 months (possibly more) at a time. Though this is typically a domestic position, exploring the US can be very rewarding. Traveling nurses receive perks such as increased hourly wages, bonuses, covered travel cost, ample vacation time and invaluable work experience with insight into multiple fields.

2. International Educator $25,000-$90,000**
English has become a super power in itself. Today it is a huge catalyst for anyone that desires to travel and live abroad. Ideal locations like Abu Dhabi, China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia (Like Marshalette Wise) are welcoming American, South African, British and Canadian educators at record numbers. Teachers typically receive the same perks as they would at home with a few modifications. Summer breaks tend to be shorter but this can be negotiated (sometimes). Often you get some American and host country national holidays off. Depending on the country, your salary could be tax free for a max of two years! Looking to take the leap? Be sure to invest in becoming certified in TESOL or with your state’s education board.

Professions That Promote Travel

3. Writer and Vlogging up to $10,000***
Equipped with a laptop, smart phone and a professional camera, ‘vlogging’ or video blogging could provide you with a supplemental travel income. Today YouTube is heavily used by “professional” vloggers inviting the world into their living rooms and on travel excursions. Writers can also experience the same freedom. Freelance writers, bloggers and novelist are positions that do not require a stationary work location. Media sources such as magazines and online blogs are always looking for quality content.

4. Au Pair $15,000-$25,000**
Though it is likely you won’t become a millionaire as an au pair, it will provide you with tons of adventure. An au pair is essentially a nanny that also provides their clients with first hand language experience and vice versa. Very popular in Europe; a quick browse through Google will turn up several companies willing to assist you in locating the ideal family. Although your days will be filled with running after toddlers or changing diapers, you typically have ample down time to explore your new host country. Many families that utilize au pair services tend to be fairly wealthy, but do not expect to live in the lap of luxury.

5. Coaching and Consulting $30,000-$80,000**
The internet has become an invaluable tool for businesses around the world. In the past, companies would hire a consultant, coach or trainer to fly-in and facilitate on location training. This practice is still essential, though not always necessary. We are so technologically advanced now that a good camera and internet connection are all that’s needed. Completing assignments remotely can be very rewarding. Entrepreneurs in this field often rejoice at the freedom of expanding their client base by simply being available from multiple locations.

Professions That Promote Travel

6. Online Boutique Owner $500 and Up **
Wholesale boutiques are a nomads dream. Finding a company with quality merchandise and drop-ship capability might be your biggest challenge. Often those living abroad run into rare items not available in their home country. What better way to profit or fund your travels? Income from an online site could be supplemental, a nice addition to a 40 hour corporate career or funds to help out while back packing through Southern Europe.

7. Civilian Military Contracting $70,0000-$100,000**
Did you know that it is not a requirement to work for the military? That’s right, thousands of civilians are employed by the US government to work on different military assignments. With locations like South Korea, Afghanistan, Qatar and even Japan, many see this as an opportunity to work and, of course, discover the world. Not all positions have cushy desk warming duties. They may require you to live in very simplistic or “rough” conditions and in some instances you may also need some level of security clearance. Along with salary perks, vacation time is a definite motivator. With sometimes 21 or more vacation days, it’s possible to embark on a 14 day Euro tour and still make it back home to see the family.

Professions That Promote Travel

8. Flight Attendant $25,000-$75,000**
The obvious choice here would be to become a flight attendant touring the friendly skies. This career path is a sure way to meet new people, explore cityscapes and earn a great living while doing so. Not to mention, most airlines allow immediate family member to receive discounted flights, what’s life if it can’t be experienced with someone special by your side?

9. Peace Corps Volunteer $5,000-$10,000**
Working as a Peace Corps Volunteer is no easy feat. The concept of PC living promotes a very simplistic lifestyle. Live as the locals do. Though this is a volunteer effort you do receive a monthly stipend. You won’t have enough to make it rain, but a light drizzle will do. However, while enlisted as PCV you are privy to perks such as educational stipends, the ability to defer school loans, and completion stipends. Also you may receive preferential hiring within certain governmental positions. It is a great way to be of service to the world, possible career advancement and sneak in a little travel.

In closing I offer you my semi-sage advice, “When the opportunity arises, just go.”


**Salary Calculator was used.

***Salary based from freelance base salaries for that specific profession.

Breian S. Brockington is the multifaceted writer and designer behind Kurvy Etiquette (, a blog and plus size fashion label focused on all things beauty and body positive.

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