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7 Things to Do Before and After a Women Empowerment Event

Women empowerment is more than a hot topic. It stands at the root of creating equality in everyday facets of life and it demands faithful respect and unwavering support. Through empowering women thought provoking conversations are initiated, not for the sake of talking, but with an end goal of mobilized results. So why do we attend panel after panel and workshop after workshop without acting on the confidence boost we’ve received? Why do we toss conference material to the side and continue about our lives normally, as if we have not just been energized and equipped with the necessary tools to turn our dreams into actions?

Maybe we weren’t empowered after all.  Well, that’s a lie, because I felt it and so did you! That bubbling inside, that aha moment where you became totally aware of your capabilities and the hard work needed to make it happen. You came with your idea and received the empowerment along with actionable steps yet you refuse to begin to take. So again, why?

  • Laziness
  • Excuses
  • Self-limiting thoughts
  • Self-doubt
  • Negative thinking
  • Peer influence
  • Fear
  • Time Constraints
  • Depleted Resources

The list could go on! Let’s focus on what we can, without enlisting the help of a professional. That’s pure lack of know-how! You can be extremely talented, smart and dedicated but if the area of execution is lacking, greatness hinges. Execution represents disciplined follow-through on the implementation of an idea or set of interconnected activities. It can be extremely difficult, as the road to successful execution is paved in random potholes, stop signs and other roadblocks that cause you to pivot and switch gears. Here’s how you become an effective “doer” with the ability to not only plan, but execute your vision before, during and after being empowered:

1. Purposeful attendance – You’ve just found an ideal summit to empower you. The Instagram posts are beautiful, the speakers are superb and all boast outstanding “come-up” stories, you buy your ticket. The next logical step is to attend the event, right? Wrong! You need a game plan. Who’s on your hit-list? How many business cards must you collect before leaving? What solution are you in search of? What are your goals for attending this event? By clearly outlining your why’s, what’s and musts, you give yourself the foresight to know what you expect to gain from the event. You allow yourself to “keep your eye peeled” for solutions to your issue and the checkmark to your “I’m here for this” list.

Tip: For every business card, flyer or postcard received; write down a quick note referencing your interest in the person. Ex. Knows everything about coding!

2. Open mindedness – While you should have an overall plan for the event, don’t allow it to prevent you from welcoming insight you weren’t aware you needed. Sure, you didn’t come for content optimization tips, but that should not stop you from writing down tactics that will help you improve your Google rank. While structure is important, flexibility holds the same weight.

3. Speak-up – Too many of us are guilty of just thinking. You thought the speaker would have hit the nail on the head, if they had just ventured to a certain topic. Well, why didn’t you ask them to elaborate? That old adage, “closed mouths don’t get fed” is especially true for attending events. If there’s something specific you have in mind, ask. No reputable speaker will deny the opportunity to answer a question, and if you’re lucky they may ask to take the conversation offline. That’s when you really pick their brain!

4. Decompress – Empowerment events can be overwhelming. The surge of information received can leave one feeling totally exhausted. It’s like having that 2:30 feeling. It’s okay to take a minute to relax your mind. Take a walk or a long bath, read a book or exercise. Find something to journey away from the event. The trick is not to forget that rush of energy from the event forever, but to give your mind and body the opportunity to eternalize what just happened.

5. Reach out and follow-up – I’m sure you lost track of the many “I’ll email you,” “let’s link up” conversations you had. So the tip from number 1 will come in handy now. Pull all those cards and begin drafting emails. Be specific with your request; let people know how much you would love to grab a tea with them or how exciting it was to meet them overall. You thank yourself for following up with each person of interest, and it’s best to do this no less than three days after the event.

6. Cross reference – Not that you’ve relaxed, it’s time to attack those goals! Revisit “I’m here for this” list and begin to check things off. Go for the quantifiable goals first; number of business cards and/or leads generated. Then go for the big ones. Pull out your notes and handouts so that you can circle back to the information garnered. Once you have everything prioritized, check for the things you’re still missing and match them with one of the contacts you made. Create new SMART goals around each item.

7. Act – You have your new “to-do’s,” now it’s time to filter them into your normal to-do list until they’re done. That’s right D-O-N-E, done! That hand-out you half-assed during the speakers break-out session, it’s time to bring the rest of your ass to the table. You’ve already deciphered what’s relevant to your goals, now it’s time to execute. In executing actionable steps that others have given you, remember to:

  • Customize your approach! Don’t think of everything you learned as one-size-fits-all, tailor the program to your specific needs
  • Hold yourself accountable, or find someone else who will
  • Be sure to measure your progress. Develop a set of key performance indicators that will prove to you just how well you’re progressing

You decide how you act on your empowerment. You may become exhausted, frustrated, discouraged and totally spent, but you must continue! Keep fighting for your dreams, work hard to become a doer. Hard work is critical in planning, planning is essential to execution and proper execution is critical to success. Try one of our looks as you head to your empowering event.

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Women Empowerment Event

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Women Empowerment Event

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Women Empowerment Event

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IsokeMK is the Executive Editor of Empire Life Magazine and owner of Masani. From Detroit, now residing in metro DC, IsokeMK is a fashionable entrepreneur, with a love for all things fashion, business and marketing. @isokeMK on Instagam, Twitter and Facebook.

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