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6 Productivity Hacks Revealed

Falling into a routine can be a blessing or a curse. Often times, it is the latter due to the lack of excitement or challenging projects. This drag may lead you to feel as though the days are longer and the amount of work is seemingly more tedious than usual. If this is you or someone you know, then do not worry because you are not alone!

In order to reach your potential, it is essential that you start each day at a peak and maintain that throughout the day. Although this may seem like a goal that is not attainable, it most certainly can be reached with a little bit of effort. You must trust that it will go a long way. I have tried many of these hacks and have been proud with the results that come after each day. Do not let boredom take over, there are ways to make each business day feel more productive and to boost your efficiency level!

Incorporating a few or even all of these hacks could make all the difference in how your day-to-day life, professional and personal, functions.

  1. De-clutter your space – Clearing out your office is one step to help you become more productive because you will be eliminating unnecessary items. Organize things into bins or folders based on categories such as “Incoming”, “Outgoing”, “Projects”, etc. Also, keep tools that you know you will use on a regular basis such as a stapler or paper clips. This will free up more area and set up an efficient, clean workspace.
  2. Put your phone away – Once you enter your office, it is time to get focused! Put your phone on silent and buckle down on the tasks of the day. Unless it is part of your job, be sure to eliminate all social media! Social media is constantly updating and it will surely be there later when you are done working.
  3. Set specific times to check e-mail – E-mail is one of the biggest distractions taking away from getting work done. Continuously checking your inbox for new messages can become more of a habit, so in order to combat making this an excessive thing, set guidelines to check it a minimum of two times each day. If you want standard times, then aim to respond when you first get in to work and after lunch. This guarantees morning and afternoon time frames for answering messages. If necessary include an automatic response that lets your contacts know of your new e-mail policy.
  4. Do the worrisome activity first – You have been dreading this task for days, maybe even weeks, so you might as well tackle head on. Eliminate the possibility of having it to do at the end of each workday. Once this is out of the way, then the rest of your day can be utilized to tackle other serious assignments and even relieve some stress.
  5. Set a timer – This is a hack that works similar to a reward system. Set a timer on your computer (you can simply use Google to find one) and put 30-50 minutes on it. Use this time to knock out your work without any interruptions. After the alarm goes off, set ten minutes to have a mini break to stretch, listen to some jazz, run to the bathroom or anything to help you wind down. Once this ends, then jump back into your work and set a new timer. This is a great way to stay focused without running yourself too thin throughout the week.
  6. Plan a to-do list – Making a to-do list on the last day of your workweek will do two things. First, it will help you organize what is still left at the end of the current week and on the day you return to work, there will be a well-thought list for you to do. Be sure to organize everything in the rank of importance so that you make the most out of your time.

These are only a few hacks that have been shown to be effective for some! Let us know what works for you and of different productive regimens that you implement daily.

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