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5 Things Single Women Can Do For Fun

After recently becoming single, I’ve realized that majority of my friends are either in relationships or have children; our lifestyles are completely different now. I am not ready to start dating again but I do like to enjoy myself and go out and have fun. Going to bars and clubs is definitely not my thing at this point in my life, so I often think about things that can be enjoyed alone or with a group of friends in a non-dating social setting. I have listed 5 things I think all single women can do to have a good time.

  1. Travel – Traveling is one of the most important things to me, it gives you a different perspective on your life as you know it. We are all very accustomed to traveling with our friends, lover, and family. This time ditch the itinerary and familiar faces and hit the road. Visit a place you’ve always wanted to go but never had the time since to. Go out and have conversations with people you will probably never see again and enjoy you time to yourself as well.
  2. Find a hobby – Have you always wanted to try yoga, a sport, or kitting? Well, do it! Finding a hobby of your choice, it will keep you busy, fulfilled and distracted from trying to find a date. There is a hobby out there for all of us, even if it’s reading a new book every week; it’s something that you can enjoy.
  3. Learn something new – What better time than now, to learn something new. Whether it’s taking a class at the local university or learning how to cook something different it will be a wonderful experience. Generally, single people have extra time because they are not concentrating on a relationship. It’s the perfect opportunity to focus on being a better you, and who doesn’t love a knowledgeable woman?
  4. Get dressed and go out by yourself – Buy those pair of heels or the expensive dress you normally wouldn’t have bought and go out. There is no better feeling as a woman than to feel sexy. Yes, I know we must feel confident on the inside but why can’t we look the part too? Go to dinner or your favorite happy hour and enjoy yourself. Flirt with some people that you never intend to talk to again and leave. Feeling confident at any time of your life key.
  5. Learn yourself– As I have gotten older I am constantly hearing that you must reinvent yourself, and when you’re single it’s the perfect time. There are so many questions after a break up, what went wrong? Was it my fault? What could have I done differently? And so many more. This is when you really need to evaluate who you truly are. Be honest about your likes, dislikes, flaws, and your overall personality. Write these things down and review them. This will prepare you for finding a mate when you start dating again. If you are clear about whom you are you will be able to honestly and confidently convey that to your lover.

Being single does not have to be a depressing reminder that you are getting older and that your biological clock is ticking. At any age we as women can enjoy every day, month, or year that we are single. There are so many activities and small life joys for us to enjoy. Get rid of the ice cream and get out!

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