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Give Away to Get Ahead – 5 Tips for Giveaways

Part 2 of 4 – Promoting Your Brand without Being Annoying

Now that the steps of your launch party are in the final planning stages, it is time for more fun! Everyone enjoys the excitement that accompanies a giveaway. They are ultimately the biggest takeaway that guests look forward to at the end of the event and there are individuals who participate in social media giveaways. With that being said, you definitely have to make sure that you offer a good one! Be realistic in the vision that you want to portray with your giveaway. What items will trigger the memory of your brand? How do you want to be remembered? Are you looking for short-term gifts or long-term? Would you like a mix of a goody bag or a digital treat? If you have a lot of ideas and need some help, check out a few tips below to get you on the right track.

Set goals for yourself before getting started. This means that although you are giving away prizes, you should estimate how many you would give away and exactly what you want the guests to take away? Are you trying to increase readership or your following on social media? Putting things in perspective will help you identify what is best for you to give out as gifts.

Simplicity is of most importance! Make the giveaway rules easy to follow! Your guests want to be able to clearly understand how to participate; whether in person or online. If things become too complicated, your audience may lose interest and your time may be wasted.

Publicize your giveaway! This may sound easy, but at times people may mistake that a giveaway means that a flood of people will be coming. This is not always the case, so be sure to do an outreach on social media platforms as well as in person. If you need help handling social media, find programs such as Hootsuite where you are able to generate tweets ahead of time and have them sent out at your convenience.

Stay active during your giveaway! It is important that you as the host give the audience enough time to participate. More importantly, it is essential that you communicate with people, encourage them to become involved. People will only take it as seriously as you do!

Showcase the winner! This is a great way to show others that the giveaway was successful and that your winner(s) are appreciated! Sharing a picture with the person and their products gives the giveaway even more credibility.

With giveaways, be sure to be thoughtful in your approach. From raffles to contests, your options are endless, but your brand has to be represented. Depending on your company, you can give away a product or service that you have. Another option is to include gifts from your sponsors if they are willing to contribute. Having a mix of one-time items and reusable items is essentially the way to go!

Be sure to tell us what kind of things you would give away and what you would love to receive from a brand!

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