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31 days. 31 Women. 31 Profiles of Success: Brandi Hargette of Mama and Me Wraps

Brandi Hargette of Mama and Me WrapsMama & Me Wraps, LLC. was birthed four months after founder, Brandi Hargette, had her first child. In a spirit of playfulness, having a large amount of fabric left over from making a baby carrier, she decided to use a small portion to wrap her daughter’s crown. In addition to her creations, she is also a poet and wildly passionate about female empowerment and motherhood.

Sacred Rebel: What void did you see in the marketplace that you wanted to fill?
Brandi Hargette: You know the saying you don’t have to be the first to do it, you just have to be the best? I think that applied in my deciding to create Mama and Me Wraps. To be clear, I make wraps from my dining room table, and it’s completely at leisure. Hence, I don’t think I’m the best, and the market for wraps definitely already existed. However, I thought I had a vantage point that hadn’t been explored yet. The celebration of mother/daughter duos and the satin lining just took things to the next level. As women of color, protecting the hair is just as important as adorning it. So, I felt like I had something fresh to present. And so it went.

SR: Tell us how you actually began designing and creating the wraps.
BH: The story of the businesses creation is already written on via the “Our Story” tab. Aside from that, it was just a matter of reaching out to other people I knew who had their own start-ups and getting the benefit of their experience. I then went about shopping for different fabrics and soliciting the opinions of potential consumers before the product actually existed. From there, it was just a matter of purchasing a sewing machine and cutting/sewing fabric. What started off as something casually done for my daughter and I turned into an entire business concept.

SR: What advice would you like to offer to women on their journey to build their empires?
BH: Comparison truly is the thief of joy. If you have something to share with the world, spare yourself the harshness of putting it up alongside things that already exist. In the same capacity that you are uniquely you, the same goes for your gifts. In the same way no one can tell my truth better than I can, no one could see my vision to fruition in the way that I would. Believe in yourself without ceasing, and create a team of “accountability partners” for the times you find your confidence or determination wavering.

Brandi Hargette of Mama and Me Wraps

SR: What’s next for you and your business?
BH: Truth be told, I’ve been taking advantage of the fact that a lot of wraps are currently sold out.It didn’t take long for me to recognize that though I enjoyed being able to generate income from home, the wraps weren’t what I was passionate about. Female empowerment and having baby girls nation wide wearing their crowns? Certainly. Sewing, cutting, and ironing fabric? Not so much. I’ve been a writer, specifically – a poet, since I was a child. Combining my social media platform along with the buzz created from my wraps company, I decided to go forward with doing something I’m truly invested in and motivated to do – and that’s writing. I am in the process of creating two different books: one consisting of poems for the daughters of mothers raising their children with consciousness and the other about my journey through womanhood. I really do believe that sharing my truth is directly in line with my life’s purpose. It is my desire to help other women find this same sense of direction by liberating themselves of things that don’t honor their inner knowing/voice.

For those in the DMV area you can Brandi at the 14th & V Busboys and Poets on Tuesday, Nov 24th at 9PM. She is also hoping to have a book ready for publishing by the end of this year. For headwrap inspiration check out her Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr.

Brandi Hargette of Mama and Me Wraps is one of the many woman to be honored by EmpireLifeMag.Com during National Women’s Small Business Month. Be sure to check out the other women and their profiles of success.

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