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25 Powerful Topics to Get the Most Out of Your Coaching Session

During the entrepreneurial phase, the need to seek outside help may arise. Many times, this can come in the form of administrative, financial or marketing assistance. You may find yourself in need of a fresh, professional perspective on your business which is where a strategic coach can help. Investing in a person to help you navigate the ins-and-outs of how to effectively manage your brand to further success will be most beneficial to your brand.

Just as much as this is an investment, it is also a partnership. This means that you take as much as you give in your coaching sessions. Be open and honest in discussing the areas of your business that may need improvement. Do not be afraid to ask questions, the thoughts that you may have are probably common for your coach to answer.

If you do not know where to begin with a conversation, do not fear any longer. Below is a list of 25 potential topics to discuss with your coach:

  1. Expanding brand awareness
  2. Time management
  3. Creating an ideal client profile
  4. Fine-tuning your business statement
  5. Establishing priorities
  6. Modifying a business model
  7. Growing profits/revenue
  8. Marketing tactics for new products/services
  9. Setting realistic rates
  10. Enhancing productivity
  11. Proper employee training
  12. Organizational tactics
  13. Work/Life balance
  14. Cultivating effective relationships
  15. Celebrating success/Bouncing back from failures
  16. Handling difficult conversations
  17. Developing leadership skills
  18. Managing a crisis
  19. Team building strategies
  20. Creative planning
  21. Performance management
  22. Sharpening prospecting and closing skills
  23. Strategies for Inbound Marketing
  24. Overall accountability
  25. Reliable exit strategies for your business

Each point serves as a great starting point to get your strategic coach working for you. Even if you feel great about one specific area, be open to discussing it. Your coach will offer a fresh perspective on the subject and may have additional resources to take things to the next level. It is the responsibility of your coach to provide you with their expertise, so do not be afraid to jump into the conversation and receive the assistance that you need!

Share topics that you think need to be talked about with your coach in the comments below!

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    May 11, 2017 at 9:44 am

    Great list! Digging in with my coach today!

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